Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hey Everyone,

Been looking for an opportunity to do some work online and earn some income because i honestly believe the internet is the future of businesses and tapping into it as a business or even a career will be as far as I'm concerned a SMART move.

Think about it, if the internet is going to be here for a very long time and people, business and companies are using it to promote their products as well as get their products to their customers, then......

Also ask yourself how long you spend online and how many times you go check products online before buying or even have to buy online because you don't have the time to go to the store.

My thought is if this is the case then there's money to be made online for a very long time as the internet is slowly but surely taking over and it does represent a huge opportunity.

I'm only posting this because I thought someone might be interested in taking a chance at learning how to earn an income online. It doesn't cost you anything to have a peek at the website using the link below. If you want totalk about this, just let me know!

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Again, if you do have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, let me know. I am an active member of this community so I can tell you exactly what they offer inside and what sort of success I see people achieving.

So think about this, visit the website and let me know what you think. It might or might not be for you, but at least give yourself the chance to make an informed decision.

Let me know what you decide.

Will speak to you soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


For a little while, I must have forgotten...
For a little while, I must have lost track ....
For a little while, I must have lost focus .....
For a little while, I must have walked in the path of mere men...

But thank God....
Thank God, He brought me to remembrance,
Thank God, He brought me to repentance,
Thank God, He brought me back to purpose,
Thank God, He gave me another chance,
Thank God, He never gave up on me,
Thank God, He loves me so....

I guess sometimes in our lives we just kind of forget who we are, what our lives are about, who we've been called to be. We just loose track of what really matters and we begin chasing shadows.

I have worked that path, but thank God that when he called me back, He also gave me the grace to "hear" and to "obey"... I'm grateful he didn't give up on me, I'm grateful He loves me the way he does.

If you've ever catch yourself forgetting...,

Walking away from the path..., Know that God is there...,
He's always there calling..., calling your name...,
Waiting for you to STOP!!
Lift your eyes up to the hills...,
He's always willing...,
waiting to help you.

He never counts anything against us.
He loves us unconditionally.
He will never leave nor forsake us.
He's always there... No matter what.

He loves You.... Yes... You!! and You too!!!

Give him a chance... It'll be the chance of a LIFETIME!!!

Stay Blessed!


Wow!! Its been a while...

Thanks to everyone who left a post on my blog, I honestly appreciate all your comments and messages.

I finally got a job.... did I hear someone a Halelujah! there?? yeah, I guessed as much... Yeah guys, I got a new job and a fantastic one at that.

I am truly grateful to God and to all my friends(Blogville and otherwise) for all the support, encouragement etc. I'm thankful.

Anyway, without spending too much time here today, I'll definitely be back with some interesting things that have happenned.

Catch you all soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hey People, I know you've been wondering where I've been??? I guess I went on a hiatus! a much needed one for that matter and unfortunately today that I decide to write, I'm in one of those really dull, as a matter of fact LOW moments. Life is just funny sometimes, the way things happen, the way life takes a different turn, the way you want something so much RIGHT NOW and it just isn't showing up at your own time and you're becoming so impatient about it... it's almost driving you crazy kind of thing?? who's been there??

I know people will respond saying things like "just be patient", "everything is going to be alright", "pull yourself up", etc. The truth is I know all these things and they're good to say but right now..... they're just not good to hear so please if you do have to say something, maybe try saying something else that might be appreciated cos right now, I'm honestly not in the mood for those lines.

I just need a JOB!!!!! Never been out of one before and this is definitely driving me NUTS right now. I've always wondered how people feel when they're out of work, now I know. I'm such an active person and staying home, just waiting to be called by a recruiter, waiting for that next interview, the response after the interview etc is just all crazy... This is truly a different phase of my life and I doubt if I'll forget it in a hurry.

I'M FR*C*I*G FED UP!! I just don't know what to do with myself so guess what?? I'm doing NOFING. Haven't even taken a shower today, haven't been picking most of my calls either, I'm not alone funny enough, I hve my circle of friends who check in on me every now and again, but guess what?? I don't even feel like talking to anyone right now. I just feel like I need God to do something on my behalf cos I just can't do anything myself right now. I'm just tired fom inside and feel so helpless right now. I really do need a MIRACLE... feels like the world is closing in on me... yeah, i think that's how i feel and i hate it, I hate being helpless, I hate when I can't do much about a situation. I'm the one who gets things done no just sitting around and waiting.... I know someone is thinking of saying "maybe there's something you're supposed to be learning from this", "maybe God has something to teach you", but guess what?? I DON'T WANT TO LEARN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW. INFACT, I CAN'T SEEM TO LEARN ANYTHING FROM ALL THIS, ITS DRAINING ME INSTEAD AND GOD KNOWS ME, I'M TEACHABLE, BUT THIS ISN'T THE BEST WAY TO TEACH ME, IT'S JUST DRAINING ME......................................

I think I need to stop before I start to blasphem now, but honestly??


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Watched Phone

Hey Guys, I've been away for a little while... it's not been easy joggling so many things together at the sametime. You end up feeling drained.

Anyway, I'm back and hopefully I can blog properly now and catch up on all my favourite blogs... you guys no vex okay...

Someone forwarded this to me by email this morning and I thought it was quite interesting and it'll make a nice read for everyone. Hope it makes a difference to one or two people.


A Watched Phone …
April 4, 2007

7 singles share how they avoid obsessing about a potential new love interest and take every thought captive to Christ

Be Present
After much obsessing, the key I've found is to enjoy the present and not allow one part of your life to determine the rest of it. When I fully concentrate on the present, I'm busy enjoying the people I'm with, my hobbies, a good book, good food. I find I spend very little time missing anything. The Bible tells us to think on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and excellent (Philippians 4:8). When we're present doing this, we can't help but be content.

Don't Go It Alone
It's so hard to not let your thoughts hold you captive. It's easier if the situation is blatantly sinful—you know you shouldn't. But when you're waiting on that someone to call …
My advice? First, ask for the Holy Spirit to help. I try to make sure I'm never doing anything out of sheer willpower. So ask for help from the Helper.
From there, force your mind to focus on something else. Use the opportunity to clean, exercise, visit someone who needs cheering up, or better yet, spend time in the Word. Set your mind on things above, not on the telephone!
My guy friends tell me one big turn-off is a woman who checks in with them too much. And frankly, as exciting as it is when you first discover that someone you like likes you back, it's a major trap to put your focus on that one individual. So keep the Lord as the focus of your life from the start, and you'll avoid major pitfalls later.

Gain Perspective
First, I take a breath and try to realize this isn't life and death. I get moving and stop waiting for the shoe to drop. No mail? Still waiting for "the call"? I go work out, call a friend, take in a movie, or do something constructive. I try to replace unwanted thoughts with others I know will benefit me. And I realize people do have other things going on in their lives that may keep them away from things they'd like to do … like calling.

Take It to the Cross
I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and God revealed to me a number of months ago that he can heal me. He gave me 2 Corinthians 10:5 as kind of a theme verse: "We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."
Initially, I couldn't figure out how one might take every thought captive to Christ. After praying about what that looks like, God showed me what to do. I'm a very imaginative person and tend to visualize a lot. So I mentally write down whatever I'm obsessing about, then I take that paper, mentally, to a visualized cross and I nail it there and walk away. God always steps in and takes the thought. I don't know what he does or how he does it, but it usually takes days for one of those thoughts to come back to me again.

Just Breathe
I attach some short truth or Bible verse to my breathing—intentionally breathing deeply with a thought that will interrupt the obsessive thinking and begin to break those chains. For example, I might breathe in thinking the words "You are my beloved," and breathe out thinking, "On you my favor rests." Several repetitions can refocus me to more productive thoughts, not to mention the fact that good breathing helps relax the body.

Ask the Tough Question
I often ask myself this question when I find myself in this situation: "Do I think about Christ this much?" Do I check and see if he has something to say to me? If my answer is "no," then I spend a little more time concentrating on what God has for me. If something is occupying your mind and not leaving room for Christ to dwell there, then it's not healthy.
To change my thoughts, I read a good book and do some soul searching. More often than not, the guy isn't spending near as much time worrying about whether or not he's going to call me. So I don't make myself the prisoner of others' schedule or emotions.

Change Your Focus
Trying not to obsess about a relationship in the past often failed me because I was still making my thoughts captive to the relationship. I've learned that my very thought process was the reason why my thoughts remained on the relationship. Here's what I'd say to myself: "I need to get my mind off of this relationship. I'm gonna go [insert task here]." It sounded like a good plan to me at the time.

But what I failed to realize in trying to break away from the preoccupation with the relationship was that I was still thinking about the relationship. "I need to get my mind off of this relationship." In trying to escape from the thoughts, I instead buried myself more into them. No wonder I was all messed up!

For me to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ, Jesus must be the One who fills my thoughts. Instead of thinking about relationships with others, I need to think about my relationship with him first. It helps me to ask myself, "What would God think about this?" or "What would Jesus do in this situation?" In thinking about God first, my thoughts immediately become obedient to him. In all I do, even in the seemingly mysterious realm of love, I know that I should strive to put God first. It's not always easy, but it certainly makes things easier.

Have a great week....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Friendship Hurts Sometimes...

Friendship is a beautiful thing,
but Friendship also has the potential to hurt.

The moment you let off your guard,
The moment you let someone...
Into your business,
Know what's happening to you,
Know what you're thinking,
What you're feeling,
What you're saying,
What you're not saying,
What you love,
What you hate,

You inevitably open yourself for hurt.

Friends never mean to hurt you,
In fact in their opinion, they're out to protect you,
But that doesn't stop the fact that...

Friendship hurts sometimes...

It's the very little things they say,
The very little things left unsaid.
It's in the careless words that's spilled,
Out of familiarity sake,
It's in belief that you'll understand,
The belief that you can't get upset,
In the belief that you'll forgive,
In the belief that they know you,
In the belief that those words meant nothing.

That's what Friendship brings... Familiarity

Can you do without Friendship??

Yes, many will answer
But the truth about life is...
No MAN is an Island.

That no matter how guarded we are,
No matter how untrusting we maybe,
No matter how protective of ourselves we are,
No matter how secure,
No matter how strong,
No matter how independent,

When we do find Friendship,
Its indeed a beautiful thing.

To love and be loved in return,
To accept and be accepted,
To be able to open up to a friend,
To know that they'll be there when needed,
To know they'll understand,
To know you've got a friend,

That is priceless....

But..... Friendship will also mean
Accepting them for who they are,
Forgiving them when they hurt you,
Understanding them,
Knowing they never meant it for evil.
Letting it go and moving on...

It's all a part of the price we pay in Friendship.

I'm hurt and I can't deny it.
It's by a friend and I can't deny it.
I forgive, but I can't deny the hurt.
I let go, but that's a choice I've had to make.

Life is a Choice....
To Live or To Die....
Is in itself a Choice.

Today I choose despite the hurt,
to remain friends with you...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

All About YOU!

I was sad and lonely somebody,
My heart, my soul was drifting...

Now... that I finally see,
it's not about me,
the storm is lifting...
and the days are shiny and new..
Cos I'm about YOU....

Everything I feel is YOU,
Everything that's real is YOU,
Everything within my view...
All I see is YOU...

Everything good that I do...
Everything right and true...
Wanna spend my whole life through....
With YOU....

Now I can finally be family....
when my whole world was shattered....
YOU, you believed in me...
YOU helped me see... what mattered....
Now the dream that I'm tryin to purse...
Is all about you baby...

Everything I feel is YOU,
Everything that's real is YOU,
Everything within my view,
All I see is YOU....

Everything good that I do...
Everything right and true...
Wanna spend my whole life through...
With YOU, with YOU.... Cos...

It's all about YOU.....

Terron Brooks & Renee Goldsberry

Love Again...

One too many times my heart's been crumbled on the floor,
So I had to leave without it,
I'm tired of crying 'bout it.
After a while I didn't miss it anymore...
I got accustomed to the quiet,
I didn't have the strength to fight it.

But when you smile, something stirs inside of me,
and I can't break through my insecurity...........

Said I wouldn't, said I wouldn't, said I wouldn't babe...
Said I wouldn't fall in love again...
Said I wouldn't said I wouldn't said I wouldn't babe...
I said I wouldn't fall in love again....

You opened up a part of me,
I thought it disappeared,
Should I surrender to your power, burning deep I feel this fire...
Wont it be a crazy thing, to work the tide up babe...,
Would you promise to be waiting,
When this soul of mine is failing...

It's hard for me to believe this thing is real...
and though your words are true, my heart just needs time to heal....

Said I wouldn't, said I wouldn't, said I wouldn't babe...
Said I wouldn't fall in love again...
Said I wouldn't said I wouldn't said I wouldn't babe...
I said I wouldn't fall in love again....

I said I wouldn't go with love again,
The pain is crazy, felt it deep within...

I said I wouldn't fail in love again,
The pain is crazy, felt it deep within...

I said I wouldn't fall in love...
But I was wrong...

Terron Brooks & Renee Goldsberry(All About You)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Man & Woman

You know, a friend called me this morning and we were just gisting and the next thing she started asking me this rather thought provoking questions and I was wondering what has that got to do with the price of fish in the market lol.... but I realised for her, it did have something to do with it o! In fact it has everything to do with the price of anything she wants to think about right now. Kai, na wa o! the things we get ourselves into, na wa! I'm sure she's not the only damsel in that situation, I guess it's a situation a lot of us find ourselves in one way or the other and at one time or the other. Why we do?? I don't know o! Funny thing is even the smartest, most intelligent of the damsels in town, when they get down to being truthful, you realise they've walked down that lane before too.


- What do you do when you think you jusy might really love someone? I mean you really do care about someone?
- When you're really not sure if they loveyou back in return and you can't seem to ask
- When all you want to do is just stop all the feelings.... but you just can't seem to find the strength
- When you just want to hear his voice, see his face, but he's just not available
- When you see his number calling your phone and you pick it in excitement, only to find out he just wanted to ask you a simple question.
- When he visits you and you have fun hanging out together and you think there's a spark somewhere, only to start thinking later, maybe there just isn't any spark.
- When you think he likes you very much, but then again, you just can't tell cos you really don't know....

My peeps the qs plenty o! and them just tire... me. I think they were just so on my friend's mind that they just came spilling out because she wasn't even waiting for answer o! she just kept going and going.... just talking, I guess she just needed someone to share her innermost thoughts and confussions with.

And me?? what did Moments have to say o?? In fact even I went into a state of confusion as I thought about these questions and my friend.

She's smart, she's intelligent, she's beautiful, she's got the figure. So, it's not about the fact that she can't have other guys or that she's lacking attention. It's just plain fact that she likes this one person so much and she's not sure she knows if he likes her back that way, or if their friendship will move on from there and that scares her now.

It's easy to listen and be judgemental, thinking.... how could you get yourself there?? what are you still there waisting your emotions, why are you still being his friend, why can't you just take the bull by the horn and ask him, why this why that.....

The truth?? It still doesn't stop the fact that that's where she's at right now and that those are all the emotions she's feeling and all the questions she's asking herself right now.

I think it's hard. Me I honestly didn't know what to say, I mean I didn't have a solution o! I didn't even have advise sef and moments na real madam adviser for those who know me well.... lol.... in fact some of my friends call me "counsellor" and others "shrink" but today, I was just "a friend", a "listening ear" I just so felt for her, I couldn't bring myself to be logical..... The best I remember saying to her is "just take it easy, you'll be fine".

Abi?? even at my desk now, I was just sitting here and thinking about it again and decided to come to blogville o! I know blogvile is full of wise guys and gals who might have a thing or two to say about this, an experience to share. At least this gives an opportunity to have your say or maybe even learn from what is being said.

Hmn... I just hope my friend doesn't stumble on my blog though, I'll be busted lol.... she berra not :-)), oh well and if I'm caught, I'll just say it was my way of finding answers abi now??

Anywayz, you guys, the floor is open..... speak out....